Once, I was walking along a brooke
To find the happiness for the lost paradise
At dawn I started till dusk began to appear
Still I was nowhere near the treasure 
As night started covering the day
I saw sparkling drops flowing with water
At first I thought I was dreaming
But soon their brightness pinched me into reality
My curiosity overcame my daylong fatigue
And I started to apprehend what they read

“There was hero in the woods of a valley
With fair color and heart full of bravery
His nights spent under the canopy of sky
His day in the shade of trees of paradise
He measured the chest of the mountains
With feet of hope and in search of life
And being a witness of the deserted valley
Which long time ago fell to savagery
He hid his tears of pain for his land
And with them vanished in the woods
Soon God made him the hope
Of the despaired roots of the woods
It’s fragrance again delighted the hearts
Of the folks and the dejected life
It’s greenery again appeared to bring freedom
For the birds which long time ago went away
Those woods were again on the song
With the music from swirling winds
The paradise returned to the valley
With a hero of hearts of its beings”

“But now our hero is lost
Since then the woods are crying
It’s tears are flowing in this brooke 
Which started with the hidden tears of the hero
Take some water from this stream
And put it on the wound of the paradise
For it would heel her
But would not being back the happiness 
And take these hidden tears of the hero
There is a flower on his grave
With scars of deep meaning and feeling
Sprinkle it on that flower to quench its thirst”

I fell down on my knees
And took that water and hidden tears
From that brooke and came back to the valley

6 thoughts on “HERO OF WOODS

  1. Wow, what beautiful imagery. I feel most at peace in the forest, although reject it in the day to day for modern life. I could relate to the poem in a sense of primitive man being the hero of the woods, while modern man was the death of the hero and perhaps will return at some point in the future, albeit in a different way.

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