What is this enticement out of your love in my heart?
My heart find it hard to accept, to disappoint you
They why my heart turn rebellious still knowing all this
Being regretful, still desperate to come home again

This my struggle is with myself, why to complain about world?
Its my conscious which is weak, why finding weakness in macrocosm?
I not knowing even of myself, not of this journey of mine
Wherever my eyes find something, I run that way without caring

These irrelevant words, now custom of my lips
When it comes to speak the truth, I become voiceless
I have a grave wish for some tears, for some peace in my heart
Smile long ago has become upset with me, now I carry a lie on face

The death of these moments is my life now
Purposeless, no other better name for it
I tried to find for to see, but found everywhere death
My Lord show me the path of life, otherwise my life is itself a death

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