On airport
Waiting for my flight to take off at 7am
Heading back to the north
To my valley
There a small place surrounded by the mountains
And a beautiful lake with the frozen surface layer
Winter has arrived
Snow on its verge to fall on plains
As peaks have already recieved gift of whiteness
Firewood stored for to consume
Hands holding fire pots to keep them alive
Seeds sleeping deep in dormancy
Too lazy to spring out due to cold
Clouds in sky are exited
To bring up a new snow for everyone
Giving eyes a delight which are waiting for seasons
I am just dreaming how it would be back in the valley
A breeze of happiness is already touching my emotions
How I would embrace those mountains When looking from the plane window
I always tell those who are far down in plains
My place is the beautiful one
And how desperate I am to be home again
There my friend is a river
Whose melody makes me asleep in the night time
It listens me when I sit on her side
And give music to my unknown songs
I have no words to describe those woods
As if they are home to all the homeless
Their evergreen makes my heart green
Eradicating pain, diminishing worries
Million words less to describe
What my relationship is with that valley

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