Why is my sight snatched away from me and missing?

How much my self has misled me and carried me far away


I cry, I do not enjoy my heart answering the spring of this Garden

Because my desires have taken away my happiness from me that once was in my heart


This world has taken away my heart’s eyes from me

And in some remote city I have been left blind and wandering


Give address to my heart to return to me with its sight

The light comes from this sun, even though I feel myself in the dark


Scared I am now from the colors of faces, as if they have no life left

The spirit of the flowers has become ashes and their colors are invisible


I think sitting on the bank of river, is it water or is it fire?

What do I think of the answering heart in the nesting when they are consumed?


My God will help me with my purpose, this is my prayer only

Because I do not want to live life like death


The body diminishes over time, so give beauty to my character

Return my eyes to my heart, so that they can see the reality of life

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