Blood and water flow hand in hand
Lives taken away like blowing sand
Why Kashmir is the name of this land?
Where even breathes are being banned
Its frozen lakes in winter have a sad story
Strory of the summer which are inflammatory
Where the sun only rose to see the blood
Tears raining from eyes bringing endless flood
In every summer, winter comes too early
Life caged like a bird, living it severely
Our land as if lost her all birthdays
Everydays funerals and death days
Her scream is resonating in the mountains
Every town’s crossroad displays blood fountains
Faces seen yesterday are today burried in graves
Leaving this winter eternal with its cold waves
Where ever you would meet the one from this land
Don’t get deceived by his or her smile
For he or she has hidden tears in the heart
Rest remain burried in the stories which are hostile

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