Don’t snatch this path from me
Leaving nothing, as if taking away flower from a bee
Where I would walk with my loneliness?
As I don’t find in your crowds, my happiness
Why you show me dreams, to shatter them
As if growing a plant without the stem
I lose my voice, in your troupes
To get it back, I have to walk along the deserted routes
Leave me alone in my search
Like a lonely bird, for it to perch
When I will meet it, walking along the way
I will send a message with it, not to again betray
The mean words which you taught me
I have plopped them in the river
It will soon reach your salty sea
As I have decided now to become a believer
Don’t come behind me to sway me again
For you only lead to loss, not to gain
Soon I will find wings to fly
You don’t need to worry, then I would give you your way back

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