O! the world, what if you left me alone?

Loneliness at last has found for me

A relationship with the GOD, above HIS mighty throne

With a promise to never abandon, like fishes never leave sea

See, I have also deserted accosting you

As you showed me lies and made my heart amputee

Out of your traits, instilling cruelty and greediness

Creating a crowd of such hearts, ruining peace and happiness

What is left in there, is a bunch of lies

Feeding them to the soul, until it dies

My soul wishes to give up your avarice

My heart wants to forsake the habits which are cancerous

Better to have a lone soul and heart

To fill as much loneliness as could be filled

Loneliness enriched by the remembrance of the LORD

“Verily, in the remembrances of Allah do hearts find rest”

                            QURAN; 13:28

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