Me and these four wall, and

A deep friendship between us

I throw my words, while they catch

Together, a plot for a story, we hatch

They listen me, with eloquent silence

Building a relationship out of reverence

Protecting my voice, from being stolen

Oblivious of seasons, existing outside

Oblivious of phenomenon, of being lied

When door opens, they are lit by daylight

No reach to see the sky, with flying kite

They live with me, I live with them

Together we have become each other’s chum

Long back ago, wrapped up the mirror

Not to deceive me, and my words

They are now, a new mirror to me

Reflecting me in myself

They see me praying, they see me smiling

Becoming a new casket of my secrets

Giving an expressive face to my loneliness

With time, helped me in my consciousness

That alone you stand, may be out of reach

From the world, but very close to GOD

On them, a remarkable statement

You could blind the people, but not the ONE


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