I would not be despaired of anything, taken away from me
Long back ago I had drowned myself in the ocean to search the faith
And here I am still drowning, for I have hope that one day I will find it
Don’t stop me from walking in the woods, it may seem silent but talks to me
That one day it was also on fire, leaving devastation, but hope kept it growing
Some trees have still the marks, but the nests of birds are like salve
The water in the river has a different story, of passion and struggle
The struggle of travelling, fighting the big rocks in between
The passion to subdue the proud rocks into the humble sand
So, whether you hurt or demean me, but I will not stop
If water in rivers would had given up, then rivers would have dried
If trees in forests would had given up, then forests would have turned deserts
But rivers have the longing to meet the ocean
And forests have longing for the songs of birds
So why would I give up hope, for the search of faith
When I have the passion to meet the one GOD and longing of paradise

One thought on “BE STRONG

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