Shrouded I stand with the mercy again to live the gone day
What would happen next moment is a matter of destiny
The destiny of which about only the GOD has knowledge
Many have left this world recently, many a long time ago
The soil would be laughing on alive ones and on their ego
For she has eaten the bodies, both its flesh and bones
Ask the waters in ocean how many she has seen sailing around
And where are they now, nobody knows
For humans, death has always been around the corner
But heedless, they have lived, accumulating more of this world
A place of lies, which ends the desires it once show the human eye
Is life really something, given just to make a waste of it
Wasting in the obsession of the worldy substances
Death doesn’t take over when we die
We die the day, the day our hearts dies in the fib and fiction of this world

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