When oppression is at its peak
Brave hearts emerge to revolt
Your tyranny could not break our courage
For we are one who hope for the best and prepared for the worst
You are just deluded out of your might
For you, there is also an appointed term
For this struggle has a beautiful contrast
It creates both the best and the worst among men
Worst to be desposed off and the best to remembered
In the pages of history and in the hearts to come
Sacrifices also have a story to tell
About the true characteristics of human
How their souls could supersede those of angels
When walls of morality are raised against the open shamelessness
Let your hands be washed with our blood
For each drop would stand witness on that day
When it would be decided among you and us
For we have faith in the GOD
That justice would be served one day
You would only die to be made alive again
To face those who you martyred with your hands
Don’t you see the dead land
GOD brings forth the life in its soil
Just a sign to make you understand
That for him, its nothing, to raise you again after your death
So remember, owning the piece of world is no big thing
And that too at the cost thousands of life
Certainly you will come to know what your souls have earned in the hereafter
For we, with our blood would keep struggling

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