That season in that garden
In front of my house
Where I used to lie down
On the carpet of grass
With my face against the sky
Watching the birds
flying back to nests
I used to wonder
What they would be carrying
For their young ones
But their twilight chirps
Manifested their zest
To embrace the ones
Back in the nest
I being the small kid
Would be dreaming
About their journey
And what
They would be feeling
Before reaching the destination
That all used to make me smile
Deep down from my lips
To my innocent heart
As I laid there waiting
For my father to arrive
For him to open the gate
For him to smile while
Seeing me at once
My heart would be
Filled with delight
As if all happiness of world
Had been given to it
He used to take something
Out of his poket
And gave it to me
For a kiss
I miss
Those precious moments
Today in me
But for those birds
Flying in sky
The story has been same since then……

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