The charm of the worldly life
Lies in the reciprocity of favours from GOD
With us unaware what life would fetch
And what it would shun
Humans were made out of desires
To cling to the worldly grace
But sacrificing them for the Greatest One
Should have been the greatest desire in our hearts
The delight of Crying in his remembrane
In the remaing parts of the night
Only among the things of the world
That you would wish but could not do even in paradise
Struggle is the other name of this life
With death it would also die
For after that if you would want to struggle
But for what as we return empty handed from this world
But here the struggle between vices and virtues
A tussle between a ugly and a good heart
For many with life with forgetfulness of death
For few with life with the inspiration of death
Have mercy on us, O our Lord
Have mercy on us
For we have wronged our souls
For we may also have dark hearts
Filled with dark colors of this world
Shower the rain of mercy on us
To wash our hearts full of darkness
For how could we stand before you
On that Greatest day if our hearts are like this.

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