When everything was taken away

That was the time I learned to live

Because only life was left with me

With its certain death always near it


Even the silent wind started to speak

But it was me unaware

Those words were also mine

That came from the deep rooted memories


I still remember that road

Abandoned by people long ago

Kept wondering why only I am walking

And what is ahead of me


Oh! that window then with new pans

Was shattered by those stones

I also wanted to throw one

but when I bowed, got hold of broken glasses


Unheard thing out of myself

Started ringing my ears

I tried to just close them

But those words kept seeping through my fingers


I went to the side of the river

Dipping my hands into the water

For dropping those heavy words

But its water was more heavy to take them in


I sat there waiting and trying

At last I again left for the same road

Not knowing where it would reach

Just searching life in me


I saw a gardener in between

Watering the dry soil with a smile

A nightingale, witnessing that

I understood it was the smile of coming flowers


My tiredness, broke me to my knees

In middle of nowhere with darkness around

With the heavy heart full of tears

But my eyes were not giving them way to flow



I heard a beautiful sound from somewhere

The eyes opened up to see a light

I followed and found the God’s house

Surrounded by the mercy everywhere


I went inside and fell in prostration

My eyes began to flow with the tears

The burden of those words was vanished

It was the day when I lived my real life


Today I may have everything

But those tears of that day

And The life of that day

Is again on a search in me


I still have those broken glasses

What if that window is far away

But hope is there to find new panes

So to fix it and leave it new again

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