Lost ones leave their mark on the hearts

Their remembrance, in these hollow bodies

Make us feel the life, for a moment

Prodigious is this smoke, appearing without fire

The fire that was there in, has been buried long ago


Lost ones with their lost dreams, are alive in living eyes

With tears flowing, from unknown streams

Would wish for more snow to fall

To bury this smoke deep in its layers

But, the sun! Would again melt it

To make the smoke alive once again


These eyes see a different world

Searching for someone they know, would never come

How strange? But not to them

Different things have due significance for different beings


Be kind to those hearts, having marks of lost

Your smile has a great power, if from the depths of heart

Empathy is really a beautiful word, if in beautiful souls

Don’t let them burn in this rain, give them a shield by your hands

Why your words to be hailstones?

If they could be soft like roses

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