Someone go and tell that great poet of east

Falcons have again risen in a distant valley

Not much far from his town

Just a fall away from the mountains


Someone go and tell those gloomy woods

Summer has arrived with a new song

The long winter would be melted away

As falcons have strength to raise the midnight sun


We know there are many nights and fights left

Not enough to take light from our heart

What if flowers would not grow on the ground

The graves would give them space to bloom again


So what if your war is big

But surely not bigger than our hopes

We dare you to get any scale

To measure our faith in the destiny


So what if you would take everything away

We don’t even care the least

These falcons can give their life away

So what could be there for you to take


What if our voices are feeble?

We have now enough shoulders to carry them

The whole sky is ours

With the falcons flying in it

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