Worn out after a long day

I sat on a big old chair facing the west

Looking towards the beautiful twilight

And the gloomy sun about to set

Behind the mighty mountains


Took a deep sigh while closing eyes

Everything appeared still and silent

Except for the remains of chirping

Of birds, while going back to nests

Meanwhile, I heard some little voices

Small footsteps and a lot of giggles

Twilight started fading in my mind

Something familiar started to appear

A little boy running here and there

Smiling and playing without any care

Singing his own songs while catching butterflies

His mother saw him behind the curtains

With a lot of glee and hidden smiles


Busy in his own world of imagination

With no boundaries for love and freedom

His mother came out to catch him

With a spoon full of food

He ran with a surprising smile

She hid behind the tree

And caught him with a warm hug

Kissed his red cheek and putting a spoon in mouth

Took him inside that lovely house

Closed the door and my dream


Soon those voices began to fade

Last light of the sun hit my eyes

I heard someone calling from the widow

Son get up as AZAN is being called

Wash for the prayer

I saw my mother behind the same curtains

My memories brought a tear into the eyes

I again took a deep sigh


I saw around everything changed

But what remains unchanged,

The love of my mother

And the time of prayer


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