What HE(GOD) has kept in me, has not kept in you
What HE has kept in you, has not kept in me
But has kept something in us, that bonds us
And has kept something in us, that breaks us

What HE has kept in day, has not kept in night
What HE has kept in night, has not kept in day
But has kept dusk and dawn at their end
For to bond them with the kiss of rays of sun
At dawn, kissing the night to depart
At dusk, kissing the day to appear again at dawn

Take the love from the time of dusk and dawn
Sow it in you and me, to be that something
Bondings us togethers
Not breaking apart



How much deep I was lost in myself?
Forgotten, about the events of the world
When I woke up to know what’s happening
I became forgotten about myself
Habit of this world, to show you false mirrors
Where you see a person, who you never are
I have got tired of seeing my false faces
Where is the pure water? Showing my true reflection
Reflection of my true heart, reflection of my soul
I want to fly with the falcon in pursuit of that pure water
I hope it’s sharp eyes would find it somewhere
I don’t want this journey of life to oscillate here and there
Oscillate about these hellish desires of mine
Let me find my true face out of true heart
Till then, let me fly with the falcon deep in the sky
Away from the world



Freedom is costlier than blood in veins
How blood could be called blood
If not filled with the passion of freedom
How many weapons you would use
How many bullets you would shoot
How many lives you would take
New blood would be born every day
Born again with the passion of freedom
Not fearful of bleeding, instead dignified
Why fighting the loosing battle with these hearts
You might come with all forces
But not enough to beat the courage in them
They have abandoned the worry of death
With the hope of becoming martyr
Life at the cost of respect has no value for them
Fragrance of freedom is like that of musk
Which these hearts have already smelled
Now want to see it with their eyes
Untill they would fight and bleed



I would not be despaired of anything, taken away from me
Long back ago I had drowned myself in the ocean to search the faith
And here I am still drowning, for I have hope that one day I will find it
Don’t stop me from walking in the woods, it may seem silent but talks to me
That one day it was also on fire, leaving devastation, but hope kept it growing
Some trees have still the marks, but the nests of birds are like salve
The water in the river has a different story, of passion and struggle
The struggle of travelling, fighting the big rocks in between
The passion to subdue the proud rocks into the humble sand
So, whether you hurt or demean me, but I will not stop
If water in rivers would had given up, then rivers would have dried
If trees in forests would had given up, then forests would have turned deserts
But rivers have the longing to meet the ocean
And forests have longing for the songs of birds
So why would I give up hope, for the search of faith
When I have the passion to meet the one GOD and longing of paradise


Speaking to the jealousy, awning the soul

Why crushed the intellect? Chose only prejudice

Heart made to love, recast to smell foul

Of other souls and their characteristics choice

Scarcely any deeds earned, burning like wood

Weight of heart, left merely of ashes

Made to stand alone, destitute of brotherhood

Setting everyone’s will, in want of clashes

Overwhelming pride, left with indigent heart

Forged the mind to wander blindly

Standards meant for man, have made them to depart

Consciousness inherted, left loafing ignorantly

Speaking to the jealousy, leave the soul

For you are source of evil and vile

Praying to the God to gather these ashes

Bonding the heart, with your fear and love


Asalam Asalam! O martyrs, Asalam
For you, the land is crying, the sky is wailing
Asalam Asalam! O martyrs of wooded valley
For you, the sister is crying, the mother is wailing

Deceived are those, comprehending you are dead
Unacquainted, you are alive, with their eyes enwrapped
What if, your days were limited, left with beautiful life ahead
Deceived are those, comprehending you are dead

The tears, the sky is shedding, washing our bleeding hearts
Each cloud making way, for the sun to lit you face
Last quiet smile of your lips is like opening lotus bud
Even wind has ceased, standing still to see one last time

O God! Give strength to these trembling hands
For to hold you in arms, embracing and touching your golden face
Again left are we, with another deep scar
Again left are we, with te



After all the lies
Only truth will make the history
Momentary ease in spreading and accepting lies
But at the end
Abjection and dishonor
From the people of the world
And from the ONE over the skies
Momentary pain in spreading the truth
But in acceptance of truth lies freedom of hearts, rest of mind and peace of soul
And at the end
Honor, respect and legacy
But let me tell you a secret
The one who is with the truth
Never wants them
All he wants is the acquiescence of the GOD
And GOD honors him back

After all the lies
Only truth will make the history


Love is the secret of the heart
Giving freedom from the pain
The pain of injustice of your own
When you made it hate
Just because of differences
Among you and them
Love was made to heel
The scars left all over
It was the secret
The heart always knew
But gave it up
To answer the apparent vices
Love is a sign of mercy
Whose shower bring life
To burned woods
Once again make the nightingale
Sing the song for abandoned ones
For them to come back
What if a fire destroyed the homes
The love in hearts would give
Space for everyone to live



Shrouded I stand with the mercy again to live the gone day
What would happen next moment is a matter of destiny
The destiny of which about only the GOD has knowledge
Many have left this world recently, many a long time ago
The soil would be laughing on alive ones and on their ego
For she has eaten the bodies, both its flesh and bones
Ask the waters in ocean how many she has seen sailing around
And where are they now, nobody knows
For humans, death has always been around the corner
But heedless, they have lived, accumulating more of this world
A place of lies, which ends the desires it once show the human eye
Is life really something, given just to make a waste of it
Wasting in the obsession of the worldy substances
Death doesn’t take over when we die
We die the day, the day our hearts dies in the fib and fiction of this world



My nights stand searching for the day
Unbearable is this darkness all around
Striking with the shadows, invisible and unsound
I am screaming inside me out of fear
Fear of to be carried away to the place
From where I could not return
Many voices are igniting my ears
Voices of unknown sources
Telling me different ways
For only me to get sway
Merciless beings are running this gloom
Destroying hearts and ruining souls
Shame and honor has no value
Dignity and respect for them is a play
I don’t want to walk
With these dark faces in this darkness
For I am searching the light
Light of truth above all lies
Some words are flowing by
Which from their essence are incredible
They are like ray of light piercing the darkness
They have entered my heart
And have given me eyes to see even in this blackness
They are as

“In the name of Allah(GOD), Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Praise be to Allah(GOD), the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds;

Most Gracious, Most Merciful;

Master of the Day of Judgment.

Thee do we worship, and Thine aid we seek.

Show us the straight way,

The way of those on whom Thou hast bestowed Thy Grace, those whose (portion) is not wrath, and who go not astray.”

Lines of first chapter of Holy Quran