By a wonderful writer

Tears are not only those that flow from eyes
Tears are also those which hearts cry

Tears could be hidden in the smile
Tears could be someone’s life
Some carry it with their lives
Some carry it with their silence
Tears are the witness before Allah
Tears are pearls of the paradise

Tears are not only those that flow from eyes
Tears are also those which hearts cry

Sacred water from great depth known to only Allah
So pure in emotional makeup.
They spring from vortex of deep emotions,
They flow in moments of greif,
They flow in moments of happiness.
They hold a deep mystry,
They wipe out the misery.
Like pearls they stream out of deep joy,
Like healing potion at times of grief.
That drop of tear dribbling out of eyes revealing thousands of stories of pain
Appear as dew drops on eyelashes,
Appear as Streams of clear water as they flow over cheeks.
Healing the scares on soul,
Providing moment of peace ,
Opening doors of heavens ,
By increasing intensity in repentance.
Tears are the way to realisation
Tears are the connection with Divinity
Tears are blessing in this life
Tears are reasons for true smiles
Tears are silent words unfolding innermost
Tears are the beautiful seas hidden in eyes
Hidden in the hearts, hidden in the souls
Hidden in love, hidden in the relationships
Hidden in the moments of life

Tears are not only those that flow from eyes
Tears are also those which hearts cry

In Hope to Reach…

They are walking miles from those mammoth cities to their scattered small places. Who are they? They are the same ones who built those cities. They are the same ones who built those same roads on which they are walking step by step, starving and dying. Some say they are violating the laws. What are those laws? Only mere words which tongues utter and hands write. True, no one is above the law. But every empty stomach is above the law. Every human life is above the law. When humiliation exists, honour becomes the law. When human rights are violated, the revolution becomes the law. In these times, millions are walking just because they have to reach their home. They have to see their families. When the rulers forget them, soon they will be forgotten by those same people. They are being judged and opinions are being drafted behind their backs. But they are walking, because the truth is that they don’t care about the judgements and the opinions thrown at them them. When they will reach, and I pray for them to reach safely their homes. They will look back at their journey, their helplessness, their pain and humiliation that they suffered. They will weep but no one will show their tears. There will be millions of stories, but only few will be written. This happens when rulers seek power over the welfare of the state.

When humiliation exists, honour becomes the law. When human rights are violated, the revolution becomes the law.

We know the pain and the humiliation, because the people of our land have suffered from the same hands. When we Kashmiris were held hostages in our own homes and millions of painful stories remained veiled in millions of aching hearts. When our existence was put at stake and our voices were silenced. We too screamed, but the world stood deaf and dump in defining the laws of the land. No law is above the people, no law is above their lives. But, still we never let ourselves down by learning to hate others. We learned to pray for other’s well being. Our struggle has taught us to respect human emotions. Our struggle has taught us to sympathise with those walking on the roads to reach their dwelling. Our struggle has taught us to pray for all who are affected by this pandemic of Corona virus. Our emotions stand in empathy with the countries which are suffering at this moment. Only those learn to hate who spread the hate. But those who struggle for love and peace, rise above the hate. I along with all my Kashmiri people pray to God, for ourselves and the rest of the world to save us from the pandemic of Corona Virus



The span between our wait
So, let this be another beautiful day
To search you in it’s moments
beyond time and space

Being lost makes me to reach you
and there when I see, your eyes reflect a world within
I just want to stand
and see your hidden face with my shyness
behind that mysterious veil
every beat resonates me
and your beat plays the string
inducing the melody of secrecy
Deep in me of cosmic proportions
static and forgetful I remain
discovering an ocean of emotions
tides hit me in the moonlight
delivering me to shore in the morning
scorching sun opens my eyes
to see the desert left for me
desert with roses
showing me the new direction

this span is mysterious
So, is this the span of love?

After the Rain

After the rain, the sun shines bright. The sky becomes blue and opens the doors of heaven. The whiteness of clouds appear like a crown on the mountain tops. Some strains of whiteness appear like the ship sailing in the sea of blueness.

The bright light glitters the grass and lamina of leaves reflect the freedom of freshness and vigor. The eyes hide the story of rain and enjoy the rhymes of sun. The heart wants to roam in the open fields to see the horizon.

Farmers go out after the happiness of rain to see the life in soil. A smile is placed of the sloped roofs when the novel light shines the remain of rain. They have already played their music, now is the time for them to glare bright. The story continues after the rain.


Read the Rain

Rain falls from far above, but never hurts. Strikes the soil so gently like some one is knocking on the door. By the leave of Allah, it gives life to a dead seed, welcomes it to see the heaven from where it falls. It adorns the green and washes away the dirt and dust. Every heart sinks in the music of drops like the sun sinking in the ocean. The moments become memorable in the eyes which sees these pearls striking and playing every surface. Somewhere, striking silently and somewhere laughs like a child. Rain has the stories, dreams and sleep. Wish I could fly like a falcon to see it’s home, to listen it’s wishes, to feel the excitement and joy before they come for us. Rain is a blessing from Allah.


The rain gives peace to my soul
The rain reminds me of my stories

Forgive us our Lord!

Saba Niaz siddique

Forgive us our Lord!

Forgive us our Lord!

We forgot the way You have shown us

We became devils, while You have created us with love

We became deaf and dumb, while You have blessed us with the power of hearing and speaking

We became blind, while You have filled our eyes with Your Noor* divine

You have given us the soft heart and told us that You live there, but we changed our hearts into stones

You have told us that this world is ephemeral, but we kept on running after it

You have told us to speak up for the oppressed, but we kept shunning Your command

We committed criminal negligence when Your servants were facing atrocities

We closed our eyes when little kids were afraid of bombshells

We didn’t do anything when Your servants were dying of hunger

We didn’t soften our hearts when the right of…

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