Life is slipping every moment away from us. But it is up to us how will we see, listen and speak and apprehend the real meaning. There is no fiction in the life, there is reality. Nor is it the random set of events, but a measured distance where your unrevealed destiny lies ahead.

Being grateful is of paramount importance in the life. So, I am first grateful and thankful to Allah, the lord of heavens and earth and I always pray to die as a believer. Then, I am grateful to my parents ,my family and to the people of the world. Here, you will encounter the words depicting the emotions related with life, death, and my land and people. The most important thing to be valued in the person is one’s emotion. Sympathy and empathy are the greatest virtues of human race. God tests us by the struggle of other people. Standing in the way of injustice and tyranny creates the best of us. Those who walked away were never remembered.